For those of you who really don’t feel like watching the Super Bowl, we have a fun little game that we just talked about on the Morning Overload today. Credit to Tim Miles.

Please answer these 25 questions before we rise for the singing of our National Anthem:

  1. National Anthem – Over or Under 1:34 in length?
  2. How long will Alicia Keys hold ‘freeeeeeee’? Over or under three seconds?
  3. Will we see Alicia Keys’ belly button?
  4. Will we see Beyonce’s belly button?
  5. Will we see Jim Nantz’s belly button?
  6. Number of people who will ask “Who’s Jim Nantz?”
  7. Coin Flip – Heads or Tails?
  8. Number of People at Party Who Say They’re More Excited about Commercials?
  9. Over or Under 10: Number of times they show the Harbaugh parents?
  10. First Team to Score – 49ers or Ravens?
  11. First Score is – Touchdown or Field Goal or Other?
  12. First In-Game Commercial Is For?
  13. First LOCAL business commercial is for which business that ponied up an obscene amount of jack so their buddies could see how cool they are to be on TV during the Super Bowl?
  14. How Many Commercials Will Feature a Baby/Babies?
  15. How Many Commercials Will Feature a Monkey/Monkeys? (Donald Trump does not count against the spread)
  16. Will Ray Lewis cry during the National Anthem? (Thx, Scotty!)
  17. Over/Under 3: Number of times CBS replays Ray Lewis’ coming-out-of-the-tunnel dance?
  18. Over/Under 3: Number of times CBS shows a cast of one of their shows awkwardly sitting together?
  19. Half-Time: Surprise guest star Beyonce sings with?
  20. What color gatorade does the winning team dump on their coach? (actual prop bet in Vegas)
  21. How many times does CBS cut to revelers in Bourbon Street?
  22. Over/Under 5: Number of times CBS shows Alex Smith looking forlorn on sidelines.
  23. Number of people who will ask “Who’s Alex Smith?”
  24. First celebrity couple awkwardly shown snuggling on TV?
  25. Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first? Teammates? God? Owner? Family? Coach? Other? (actual prop bet in Vegas)

Bonus Question: Who actually wins the, you know, game?

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