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About Our Underwriting

In a single week, radio in America reaches more than 228 million Americans. That’s 94 percent of everyone age 12 and older, according to Arbitron. So no matter what types of prospects you want to reach, radio underwriting will help you do it. Plus, radio is mobile. Eighty percent of adults listen to radio in their cars, and a quarter of the population also listens while at work.

Revocation Radio offers an excellent underwriting opportunity! Sponsorship announcements are a huge asset to any business, and Revocation Radio cares about helping our supporters meet their bottom line. The following are just some of the benefits to underwriting with Revocation Radio:on-the-air-sign

  • Christian Radio audiences are very loyal to businesses that support their local Christian radio station.
  • Our announcement format offers a clean way of promoting your brand, while keeping listeners engaged.
  • We reach 2.5 Million people in the state of Alabama.
  • We offer online and in-app advertising for businesses that want a world-wide reach.
  • Revocation Radio offers packages that, on-average, cost 94% less than other networks our size in major markets.

Download our media kit below and be sure to get in touch with one of our radio underwriting consultants to help plan the best marketing strategy for your business or ministry!



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