Welcome to Thanksgiving 2014! We celebrate by making up stupid songs and acting like complete idiots during The Morning Overload… Enjoy!

theBaumann sings “Look What the Lord Has Done: Chicken Edition”

[soundcloud id=’178751816′]

theBaumann sings “Do You Wanna Eat a Casserole?” to the tune of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”

[soundcloud id=’178751814′]

“A Whole New World:Food Edition”

[soundcloud id=’178751811′]

Gruder sings a Turkey song normally and then on the Speech Jammer

[soundcloud id=’178751810′]

This last song comes to us courtesy of Uncle Tom, our pepper expert…

It is a tradition in the Salter family that this song must be played on Thanksgiving. Enjoy a love story of sorts when Tom wants to buy a turkey and cook it, but then find an unexpected friend…

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