How do we find the truth about God and Jesus Christ? How can we discern who is teaching the truth about the Christian faith and who is not?

Remember, actions speak louder than words. Look at the example of Jesus. He valued people and little children and life itself. Jesus was concerned about truth and honesty. Even when Jesus was confronted by the people who opposed him, he treated them with respect and wisdom. Jesus’ actions proved that he cared about people and their human situation. He healed people, fed people, gave people hope, and forgave people. Jesus also took a lot of time for prayer to discern God’s will. Jesus humbled himself, as he relied on God and not on himself.

The most important truth test is the Bible, God’s word to all of humanity. When we study and know God’s truth from the Bible, then we can use that knowledge to test those who teach and share our Christian beliefs. There’s a story about a woman who was a new Christian. And as a new Christian, she listened to any person who proclaimed to be a Christian. Over time, though, she realized that not all people who claimed to be Christian offered a true message from God. As she matured in her faith, she had to learn to discern between those who spoke the truth and those who didn’t.

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