Photo Gallery

we have some fun at Revocation Radio...

We have TONS of fun here at Revocation Radio! Enjoy behind the scenes pictures, artist meet and greets, random craziness and much more by clicking on a photo album below!

Do we really need to explain this album to you? This is what you are looking for… the star power of the Christian Rock and Hip-Hop world! Take a look!

Artist Pictures

We love that we get invited to some awesome events and get to hang with some great people. We want to take you backstage, but those weird security people said that they didn’t have 2.5 million backstage passes… Seriously?!

Concert Pictures

Welcome to the studio of craziness and randomness… Actually, welcome to the studio that is the kid of those two and has ADHD… I like turtles. Wait, just look at the pictures…

In the Studio Pictures

So, a little back-story here… We like to have fun. We work hard to bring you the best in Rock and Hip-Hop 24/7, but sometimes, you just gotta try on stupid clothing, eat a massive hamburger or take a picture with Buzz Lightyear…

Just Having Fun Pictures