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Who is TBTA Ministries?

TBTA Ministries owns and operates the Revocation Radio network. TBTA stands for “Take Back the Airwaves”. To learn more, visit www.tbtaministries.org

Is there a place I can get your currently playing playlist?

This is our most requested and most asked question of all time. Anyone who has worked at Revocation Radio for more than 30 minutes has been asked this question.

Short Answer: No, there is not a way you can get a playlist.

Long Answer: Again, no, but here is why… To push out a playlist to the public, it requires software that the station uses to be able to export a now playing list. At this time, our software is not able to do this.

So, why not just buy new software?

Good question… Radio software is expensive because it requires specialized sound cards, network cards and other specialized software to make it work correctly. To equip a studio of our size with new, updated software, it would run around $10,000 on the low end. As of right now, we do not have the available funds to purchase this. That is why there is not a currently playing playlist anywhere.

What was that song that played at ___________ time with the lyrics _______________?

Well, we don’t know right now… But, if you will text us at (805) 2-TEXT-US/(805) 283-9887 or call our studio phone line at (205) 402-4267, we would be glad to let you know. Be sure to have some of the following to help us find the song: 1.) the time that the song played 2.) some lyrics in the song 3.) what type of genre it was 4.) who was singing it (IE male, female, robot)

What is Revocation Radio's office hours?

Currently, we have two full time employees and sometimes interns. Office hours vary from day to day with meetings, events and other scheduled appointments. Our general office hours are from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and CLOSED Saturday and Sunday. The office is also closed on federal holidays.

If you need to get in touch with us, please email us using the contact form HERE or call us at (205) 402-4266. We would be glad to help you however we can!

Why do you need donations? Don't you have advertisers?

TBTA Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. With that being said, all of our broadcast licenses are for non-commercial radio. That means that we do not have advertisements, we have sponsorship announcements or “underwriting”. Our main source of income comes from listeners just like you who have a burden to reach the lost through the medium of radio with the life-breathing message of Jesus Christ. Our business and ministry RevPartners (as they are called) only account for 15% of our yearly income. To learn more about giving to TBTA Ministries, please visit our support page by clicking here!

Is this music Christian?

Yes! We strive to bring the best in Christian Rock and Hip-Hop to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We believe we have the same quality music as the secular stations, but without the garbage lyrics they broadcast. You’re welcome.

I'm a Christian and I do not like the music that you play...

Well, we are certainly sorry you feel that way. However, we are a purely evangelistic radio station. We strive to reach the lost with the positive, life-breathing message of Jesus Christ. Everyone has their own tastes, but we have been called to do radio a bit differently. 🙂

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